La nuit du cirque
11 12 13 NOV 2022
Michael Schoch



Tarif de 10 à 30 CHF
Contemporary circus
Tout public
Let yourself be enchanted by the incredible atmosphere: accompanied by our charming emcee, you will move from circus wagon to circus wagon and enjoy short programmes by a wide variety of artists in the individually designed mini stages. For refreshment between the 20-minute shows, there will be mulled wine and tasty food from steaming pots in the midst of the cosily lit circus wagons.

12 Novembre – 18:30

Zirkusquartier Zürich, Flurstrasse 85, 8047 Zürich

13 Novembre – 12:30

Zirkusquartier Zürich, Flurstrasse 85, 8047 Zürich
Contemporary circus ◆ Tout public ◆ durée : 03:30 ◆ site de la compagnie
Tarif de 10 à 30 CHF ◆ +41 44 301 02 01 ◆ + infos


The Zirkusquartier is Zurich's venue for contemporary circus, theatre and dance...and the home of Zirkus Chnopf. It is a place for artists, young and old, professionals and amateurs.  Since moving into its current interim use in 2014, the range of events, workshops and weekly courses has developed considerably. The highlights are the ZirQus Festival in August, the annual showcase of the contemporary Swiss circus scene, and the popular Wagenvarieté in November. Come by, we look forward to seeing you!


City of Zurich Canton Zurich

Klingelfreund & Berghoffer, (music), LUZALICA LOMBRAKEL (clowning & juggling duo), Mayra Bosshard and Eva Felicitas Krause (comic duo with rhythm/body percussion), Tobias Kämpfer (juggling), Michael Schäli, Zaubereiatelier (magic), Lucy & Lucky Loop (artistry and acrobatics)