La nuit du cirque
11 12 13 NOV 2022


Rui Paixão

Cineteatro António Lamoso
Tarif de 5 à 5 €
À partir de 16 ans
From mythological and philosophical places, and from the exploration of the character of Albano Beirão, Rui Paixão questions his place as a clown, but also that of the audience as audience and, eventually, as a clown as well. We all have a notion (and fear) of ridicule, but perhaps it is possible to arrange reasons to laugh in discomfort. Undressing, not wearing, the mask. In this creation, premiered in 2021, Rui Paixão confronts the viewer with stereotypes that are part of our imagination when we talk about clowns, turning them around by tampering and confronting them with texts and intentions that expand the meaning of the word “clown”.

12 Novembre – 22:00

R. Prof. Egas Moniz 11, 4524-244 Santa Maria da Feira

11 Novembre – 22:00

Avenida Cónego Bernardo Chousal 4940-520,Paredes de Coura
clown ◆ À partir de 16 ans ◆ durée : 00:50 ◆ site de la compagnie
Tarif de 5 à 5 € ◆ | 256 331 076 | 251 780 124 ◆ + infos


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Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira | Câmara Municipal de Paredes de Coura

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