La nuit
du cirque
12 13 14 Nov


This third edition of the Nuit du Cirque is a reunion. This long-awaited event brings together 80 cultural organizations and more than 200 shows to celebrate a program based on four promises: “Embrasse-moi” [Embrace me], “Libère-moi” [Free me], “Embarque-moi” [Transport me], and “Égare-moi” [Beguile me]. These are the four themes chosen as symbols of the event, and they intentionally represent the poetry and sensitivity that are now more essential than ever...

So, come join us so we can gather together again, enjoy a moment of escape, and rediscover the flexibility, freedom, and intensity of what connects us! Come join us to spread the word about the shows, to trumpet the shared values of this popular and committed art, and to feed our curiosity!

The Nuit du Cirque is organized by Territoires de Cirque and supported by the French Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Institut Français, Circostrada, and circusnext.

affiche de la nuit du cirque 2021


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Carine Mangou
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