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16 Novembre



Schloss Bröllin
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Like voyeurs, the audience experiences the characters Mr. and Mrs. Maier in their isolated world. Small rolls are baked, scales are practiced, socks are darned. Between artistic highlights, the ups and downs as well as the seemingly wasted time before and after are explored with relish.

16 Novembre – 18:00

Bröllin 3, 17309 Fahrenwalde
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Schloss Bröllin


Funded by the Fonds Darstellende Kunst with funds from the Commissioner for Culture and Media (TakeAction).

Sabine Maier, Yogi Mohr: authors, performers Joanna Bassi: stage direction, dramarturgy, outside eye Valentina Bordenave: choreography Conny Ottinger: music Daniele Drobny: stage designer Melinda Stokes: costumes Ute Mang: graphic, photography Charlotte Helwig: photography Luca Maier: illustrations