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Tina Peissker
16 Novembre

Lurupina Circus Festival Hamburg

Kathrin Wagner

Revue Regret

Tarif de 5 à 10 €
Tout public

I Was Told.

Kathrin Wagner

Michael HohneI Was Told. is an interdisciplinary piece of ring juggling and slam poetry that explores the influence of language, both literal and figurative, on the perception of self and others. Kathrin Wagner deals with the emerging identity conflict in an authentic, honest, humorous and empowering way.

Work-in-progress ◆ À partir de 10 ans ◆ durée : 00:30 ◆ site de la compagnie

Coproductions: Chamäleon Productions, Berlin Circus Festival, Anti-ism, Zirkus ON, Katapult Berlin

Author & performer: Kathrin Wagner Artistic advisors: Cox Ahlers, Anna-Katharina Andrees Video and Sounddesign: Simon Moreau

Dear Doubts

Revue Regret

Tina Peissker‘Dear Doubts’ is a new creation from Swedish/German company Revue Regret. The show is a contemporary circus piece revolving around regrets and how we relate to the consequences of our actions.

Show ◆ Tout public ◆ durée : 01:00 ◆ site de la compagnie

Authors & performers: Lisa Chudalla & Jakob Jacobsson Artistic advisors: Gerindo Kartadinata production assistance:Susanne Pywonka & Dynamo Workspace Light design: Kenneth Danielsen Choreographic assistance: Yolande Sommer

16 Novembre – 18:30

Circus ABRAX KADABRAX, Bornheide 76, 22549 Hamburg
Tarif de 5 à 10 € ◆ o ◆ + infos


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