La nuit du cirque
11 12 13 NOV 2022
photo: Damira Kalajžić

circusnext nominees presentation: artists from the Balkan region

Dora Komenda, Cirkus Kolektiv

Tanja Puklek Borelli, Pu Tanja

Pogon Jedinstvo
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Dora Komenda: Konstrukt/ Presentation of nominees from Balkan region for circusnext pre-selection 2023.

Dora Komenda, Cirkus Kolektiv

photo; Damira KalajžićPresentation of regional nominees for circusnext pre-selection 2023. KONSTRUKT / presentation of work in progress Dora Komenda Cirkus Kolektiv Split Konstrukt is a project that deals with failure through the method of critical analysis and deconstruction of aerial elements in the circus. Through three metaphors about failure, Konstrukt questions how each of us deals with disappointment, where false expectations come from, and what madness drives us to give ourselves the work of Sisyphus. The paradox of the collapsing installation is at the same time a metaphor for unpredictable life situations, a reminder of the idea that a small shift is enough for big changes, and the question of how much control we really have over the circumstances that affect us.

work in progress presentation ◆ À partir de 6 ans ◆ durée : 20:20 ◆ site de la compagnie

Cirkus Kolektiv

Cirkus Kolektiv

Tanja Puklek Borelli: Centered – Lies of the Matrix / Presentation of nominees from Balkan region for circusnext pre-selection 2023.

Tanja Puklek Borelli, Pu Tanja

photo: Ivan Marenić„Lies of the Matrix“- work-in-progress presentation „Lies of the Matrix“ (L.O.M.) is the first out of four circus and dance performance episodes of the roof project „Centered“. The concept of the work is questioning the relationship between the individual and his thoughts and beliefs about himself, as well as the sources on which those beliefs are based. What does it take to realise that how we feel is our responsibility? Through the relationship with seemingly aerial prop and multimedia, this circus performance is searching for answers to how our thoughts make us feel, move, and communicate. And where are those thoughts coming from? What are they based on? What kind of ambient are we creating in our head? The way we speak to ourselves, the way we see ourselves, in which we appoint our goals and expectations, and value our life, directs our habits, satisfaction, life tempo, health and movement as well.

work in progress presentation ◆ À partir de 6 ans ◆ durée : 20:00 ◆ site de la compagnie

Tanja Puklek Borelli – performer, choreographer, costume designer, and author of the performance Filip Borelli – visual artist and artistic support Sunčica Dropulić – musician and artistic support Ivana Pedljo – assistant in choreography

Tanja Puklek/Pu Tanja

17 Novembre – 20:00

Trnjanska struga 34, Zagreb
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