La nuit du cirque
11 12 13 NOV 2022
foto: Jadranka Žinić Mijatović

The Face of the Clown exhibition & DUSC yearbook promotion

Nikola Mijatović, Cirkorama

Contemporary circus artists association

City Library Marija Jurić Zagorka
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The Face of the Clown exhibition

Nikola Mijatović, Cirkorama

photo: Nikola MijatovićOpening of the exhibition THE FACE OF THE CLOWN Author: Nikola Mijatović The exhibition entitled "Face of the Clown" by Nikola Mijatović in the library of Marija Jurić Zagorka - Krvavi most, is a continuation of the cooperation between this city institution and Cirkorama on the "Circus in the Library" program, which has been taking place for the fourth year in a row. These are atypical and intimate graphic prints, with an equally atypically honest concept, drawn from a personal experience where the artist, as a parent with an unusual occupation, is confronted with the absurdity of the social system.

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Production: Cirkorama



Contemporary circus artists association

foto: Jadranka Žinić MijatovićPromotion of the YEARBOOK OF CROATIAN CIRCUS PRODUCTION - C21 Published by: Society of Contemporary Circus Artists - DUSC The yearbook of contemporary circus and street art in 2021 is the first attempt to systematically record contemporary circus and street art in Croatia, which is a significant moment for the scene now, but also for its future development. Through five chapters, the yearbook documents Croatian contemporary circus production and all its achievements in 2021. The yearbook will be presented by the president of DUSC, Nikola Mijatović, and as part of the promotion, it will be available for sale at a promotional price of HRK 50.00 / EUR 6.64, while its retail price will be HRK 70.00 / EUR 9.29.

promotion of the book ◆ Tout public ◆ durée : 19:30 ◆ site de la compagnie

Društvo umjetnika suvremenog cirkusa -DUSC, Nacionalna cirkuska platforma

Društvo umjetnika suvremenog cirkusa DUSC

15 Novembre – 19:00

Krvavi most 2, Zagreb
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City Library Marija Jurić Zagorka, National circus platform, Contemporary circus artists association