Domovoi Theatre Company
Stadttheater Langenthal
Cirque contemporain
À partir de 6 ans
Tarif de 10 à 20 CHF

A catastrophe has caused the virtual disappearance of life on Earth. Only the little domestic ghost Domovoi remains alive, for he is immortal. On his adventurous journey along the tracks left by mankind, he stumbles upon a way to bring life back to earth. A poetic clown play for the whole family.

Cirque contemporain, à partir de 6 ans
Duration → 1 hour
Tarif de 10 à 20 CHF
Nov 14:00
Theatersträsschen 1, 4900 Langenthal

The Stadttheater Langenthal is an important theater for guest performances with two stages. In the 2023|24 season, a varied program can again be expected: A wide range of impressive productions from all sections of the performing arts invites audiences from young to old to dive in, experience and enjoy. In addition to drama, musical theater, concerts, cabaret and children & youth, dance and contemporary circus arts are becoming increasingly popular. Events by regional and national organizers are traditionally to be found in great variety.


Idea, author and performance: Igor Mamlenkov Director: Anton Adasinskiy (DEREVO Laboratory Dresden) Costumes and props: Deborah Parini Stage and lighting: Elena Yarovaya

Camille Chamoulaud, Grégoire Gisselman, Timoté Grenier, Robyn Haefeli, Daniele Néné Manassero, Matias Zambrano, (alternating with Iuna Lhomme & Yves Artières)

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Production: Domovoi Theatre Company
Co-production: Blue Selyodka Teatro Foce Lugano