Miranda, reine de quoi ?

La Compagnie du Théâtre du Loup
Théâtre le Reflet
Theatre / Circus
À partir de 6 ans
Tarif unique 15 CHF

Born into a circus family, Miranda lives her life as a child of the ball, between caravans and big tops, while gravitating around her is a knife thrower, a tamer, a tightrope walker, a costume designer and other fascinating beings who populate this world. Every day we strive to make the impossible possible! She has already traveled the country more than once, knows all the numbers by heart and lives this somewhat extraordinary daily life with a certain carefreeness. But on her 7th birthday, her parents decide that it is time for her to join the show and find her place as an artist within the troupe. Things become complicated. Without asking her opition, she will become a trapeze artist, like her mother.

Theatre / Circus, à partir de 6 ans
Duration → 1 hour
Tarif unique 15 CHF
+412 19 25 94 90
Nov 11:00
Rue du Théâtre 4 - 1800 Vevey, Suisse

Théâtre le Reflet


With : Janju Bonzon, David Casada, Lucie Rausis, Lola Riccaboni // Et les enfants (distribution en cours) // Les musiciens : Simon Aeschimann, Sylvain Fournier // D’après un texte original de Jo Hoestlandt // Adaptation et écriture : Juliette Riccaboni, Lola Riccaboni // Mise en scène : Lola Riccaboni et collectif // Production : Théâtre du Loup

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