Zirkusquartier - Wagenvariété

Cia Frutillas Con Crema, Le Théâtre Circulaire, Anna Kalberer & Jojo Büld, Corde détendue
Zirkusquartier Zürich
Tout public
Tarif de 15 à 35 CHF

FATIGA La mémoire des objets

Cia Frutillas Con Crema

Fascinated by everyday objects and their stories and secrets, Cia Frutillas Con Crema invents a language that can communicate through a shoe or a tea bag. It was his mother's habit of storing things in a cupboard or the gentleness with which his grandmother folded her handkerchiefs that drives him to reinterpret a memory through an object that can change and transform into a stage.

Physical Theatre & Clownerie, tout public
Duration → 15 minutes



Website → Cia Frutillas Con Crema

I confettisti

Le Théâtre Circulaire

A crescendo of disaster and chaos, initially triggered by a small plot and a series of unforeseen events, turns into a hilarious adventure. "I confettisti" is a clownish duo, made up of Luca Lombardi and Jean-David L'Hoste-Lehnherr: one is more of a musician, the other more of an acrobat. What they have in common: the desire to be on stage!

Clownery & Artistry, tout public
Duration → 15 minutes


Luca Lombardi et Jean-David L'Hoste-Lehnherr

Website → Le Théâtre Circulaire


Anna Kalberer & Jojo Büld

The neo-folk duo, consisting of Anna Kalberer from Lake Constance and Jojo Büld from Berlin, presents itself in an unaffected and casual manner. On stage, the "Stereolites" conjure one self-composed hit after another out of the hat. Partner-pop, humour & set vocals, as tight as the Everly Brothers, meet a variety of virtuously played instruments: Wurlitzer piano, violin, Moog, 12 string guitar to name but a few.

neo-folk music duo, tout public
Duration → 15 minutes


Anna Kalberer et Jojo Büld

Website → Anna Kalberer & Jojo Büld

Victoria Leymarie

Corde détendue

Victoria took her first steps in the circus at Le Salto school in Ales, where she discovered her enthusiasm for balancing in all its forms. She is always on the lookout for movement around the rope and tries to blur that classic image of the tightrope walker standing on her rope. This summer she spent on tour with Zirkus Chnopf and will now be back home performing at the Zirkusquartier at the Wagenvarieté.

Slack Rope & Artistry, tout public
Duration → 15 hours


Victoria Leymarie

Nov 18:30
Zirkusquartier, Hohlstrasse 256, CH - 8004 Zürich
Nov 12:30
Hohlstrasse 256, CH - 8004 Zürich

Zurich's venue for contemporary circus

The Zirkusquartier Zürich is a venue for contemporary circus, theatre and dance. Companies from all over Switzerland and beyond train, rehearse and perform with us and children and adults learn various circus disciplines in our weekly courses.

The Zirkusquartier was founded in 2016 by Zirkus Chnopf, which rehearses its annual creation here.