Sinking Sideways
Performance Room at Hošek Gallery
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René is common ground - a rectangular manege, in which two dance acrobats explore freedom within one central theme: the everlasting principle of rebounding. Both concisely and playfully, René evolves from elemental to acrobatic movement mechanics into depth and back, emphasizing the joy of finding variation and diversity in what could seem to stay the same. Both performers have their designated and equal places in this tightly woven score which does not allow for any mistakes. Beyond all virtuosity, René reveals the human aspects of what it means to truly collaborate, to share focus, to synchronize, to practice solidarity in togetherness, to strive, to endure, to accomplish and fail never alone but always together; to make something work out, be it skillfully submitting to an impossible system of counts or embracing the race toward the finishing line of a meticulously choreographed movement score. 


Sinking Sideways is a young Flemish contemporary circus collective. We are three dance acrobats working choreographically.

​The current company members are Xenia Bannuscher (Germany), Dries Vanwalle (Belgium) and Raf Pringuet (Belgium). We met at the Circus Department of Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam, NL) and specialize in dance acro. Xenia and Dries graduated in July 2020, Raf graduated in July 2021.

Performance, tout public
Durée → 1 heure
Tarif de 10 à 20 €
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Nov 16:00
Fischerinsel, 10179 Berlin

Performance Room at Hošek Gallery


Sinking Sideways

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